KAIROS podcast: “Giving Canadians A Bad Name”

As part of KAIROS’ ongoing campaign calling for legislation of Canadian corporate activity abroad, KAIROS has produced its first ever fictional drama podcast. The play uses the case of KAIROS partner The Broad Opposition Front in Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico to highlight the issues facing villagers and concerned citizens who do not want mining operations in their communities.

 To hear “Giving Canadians a Bad Name” click here: http://kairoscanada.org/e/resources/multimedia/GivingCanadiansABadName.mp3

To read more about Cerro de San Pedro, see their submission to the Roundtable Process http://www.kairoscanada.org/e/corporate/mining/cerrodeSanPedro.asp 

Feel free to spread this podcast play far and wide, and encourage your local radio stations to air the program. To date, although the Roundtables on Corporate Accountability published their consensus recommendations in March 2007, the government has yet to respond. The urgent path to greater accountability and legislation remains in limbo and the government remains silent.


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