July 22nd Call to Action



The ABYAYALA anti-mining coordinating network is calling the people, groups and movements to support the international day of action against open pit mining on July 22, 2010. Cities around the continent will be conducting actions including rallies, demonstrations, letter writing campaigns etc. in front of mining corporate offices and Canadian embassies to protest the most brutal form of mineral exploitation.

Open pit mining causes irreversible impacts on the environment including deforestation, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, formation of sinkholes and long term contamination of soil, air, groundwater and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. Contamination resulting from leakage of chemicals also has deadly negative effects on the health of the local populations.

ABYA-YALA, our continent, is rich in mineral and fossil fuels. For over five hundred years colonial powers and their subsequent nation states have heavily relied on industrial scale extraction of these non-renewable resources to satisfy the race for industrial and technological development. Today, resource extraction is carried out by multinational corporations operating under an international economic system that allows them access to regions of our continent traditionally inhabited by indigenous peoples and small scale farmers who for centuries have sustained harmonious co-existence with their natural environment. These communities are often displaced, their lands appropriated, their human rights violated, their environment contaminated, and their ability to protest is brutally repressed.

National governments often support the interests of foreign investors over the rights of their own citizens while security forces violate human rights and use violent force against people acting to protect their lands, their livelihood and the environment from exploitation by foreign companies. Rich countries are often complicit in ignoring human rights violations while promoting and subsidizing the operations of resource extraction corporations.

Canadian society and the Canadian government are directly responsible for the inhuman consequences of resource extraction around the planet as Canada is home to more than 60 percent of legally registered mining corporations in the world. These corporations account for over 3200 exploitation projects in over 100 countries. Canada is the largest investor in the resource extraction industry in ABYA-YALA accounting for 37% of the total investment.

The global day of action against open pit mining is a day to remind multinational mining corporations and their complicit governments that civil society will no longer tolerate the destruction of our planet. We will work in solidarity with affected communities; we will resist, organize and fight back against impunity.

The ABYA-YALA anti-mining coordinating network is a group of grassroots organizations based in Canada working together to provide coordinated support and solidarity to anti-mining struggles in the continent.


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